A highlight from Pushing (Belly) Buttons (with Mj Rodriguez)


Berry pinko. Hi hey at high. You've been with new I don't know what's happening this week. It's way too fucking hot. We passed the two in new york. That is actually nice to go outside and sit in the park. I went tanning for the first time. Ever in my life. Because i am clooney in totally tell i can. I can see your so not translucent anymore. I mean it's faded now because basically there was the two week period where it was nice outside and i went to the park and i like who laid out nude not nude but i did. I wish shirtless in the park. Which was very weird. Wow yeah not used to that And then it got way too fucking hot every single day. It's like a swamp. This is not what i paid for it. I mean i. I was so angry all all the time because of the humidity it just truly i was like why am i even a bitch mood and i was like. Oh because the weather. Because i'm fully wet. Yeah yeah you walk outside and just immediately drenched in your own juices. It's horrible someone is just kind of constantly squeezing the juices from the earth and a tiny turkey baster then squirting all over me and i hate it anyway coming up on today's episode now that we're pissed off mood we're gonna kick things off as always with worse things i of course. I shot about the stupidest most ridiculous worse news of the week after that. We're diving deep into of those moments when you realize Maybe that thing that you did as a child was actually super weird and not at all normal. Maybe it's all your asphalt who knows happy father's day everyone. This is our fathers day episode. Basically that is my that is my way of honoring dads and finally we have. 'em rodriguez on the pied.

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