How Could Lab-Grown Meat Change the Pet Food World?



Do we ensure that what we feed our pets is not only good for them a rich in protein and all the nutrients new to keep them healthy but good for our planet to ask many of us reduce our meat intake or opt for more sustainable animal proteins. Could we do the same for pets for the article. This episode is based on how stuff works. Spoke with greg aldrich a research associate professor in the coordinator of the pet food program the department of grain science and industry at kansas state university. He said it's all doable. I can formulate a vegetarian diet for a dog. I can make a vegan diet for a dog. it's just a lot harder to get it all balanced and then to get them to like it. The pet food institute estimates that more than one hundred and eighty million dogs and cats are living in. us households and the american pet products association reports that americans spent more than forty two billion dollars on pet foods and treats in twenty twenty alone and all of that is rough on the planet a twenty seventeen paper written by ucla researcher. Gregory oaken found that american dogs and cats are responsible through the food. They eat for the release of up to sixty four million tons of harmful greenhouse gases year. But it's not as if we're feeding our pets big slabs of brontosaurus sorace ribs and live chickens pet foods in the. Us generally have plenty of grains included. Corn is in fact. The number one ingredient used overall in cat and dog foods. According to the north american renderers relation but most pet foods do have a huge animal component. The reason for that is simple dogs and cats and you and i need protein and eating meat or meat by products is often the best. I and cheapest source of protein.

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