Biden Snaps at CNN's Kaitlan Collins With Lies


I'm not accomplishing what the hell? What do you do all that? I don't wonder. They say it was compromised. I said what I've said what? Let's go. It's great. I said, Well, we'll change their behavior is the rest of the world. Relax to them diminishes standing in the world. I'm not confident anything just stating the fact given hit Past behavior has not changed. Is that press conference after sitting down with you for several hours? He denies any involvement in cyber attack He felt like he would write could use this. He refused today unless the volume name so how did that It fell to a constructive me as you don't understand that. So there it is. The end. The answer is irrelevant. Why the answers around Because Biden, Bligh's all the time. He lies about everything all the time. I don't want to hear it anymore. He's a Scranton kid. He's you know, moderate Joe Biden fighting Joe like Notre Dame fighting Irish guy. I don't want to hear it. Please spare me the nonsense. Not interested. Tell someone else who gives a damn Because I'm not that guy. Biden is a liar. He's always been a liar. His family's corrupt. They've always been corrupt. They've leverage the family named forever to take money on overseas deals from corrupt the Kratz trading on their dad's name or their brother's name. In some cases, I'm not interested in hearing how he's the Scranton kid. He's a liar. The answer to the question about China is irrelevant. He's lying about that, too. He went around telling everyone you know me and president G. You know, we love each other. We're buddies. We traveled together on a plane. I know more. What do you tell him? I remember he said. He says he told Putin. You have no soul. We made that up. He's making this up, too. What do you tell President? She stared into your soul. And I know you and I bosom buddies. We're blood brothers. What do you think it's all crap?

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