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Morning it is time to get up with the bucks. Who have not stopped here is about to bounce bengal brooklyn. We'll start things as aaron. Turn the latest words from the packers president up everyone up and on if you haven't heard what he said you aren't going to believe that's on the way. And then cleveland. This is for you. Why the class of the conference thinks the browns are the next in line. All that more as we get up with you starting right now from new york on monday hoc. You had a great weekend. We certainly did. And we're ready to go greeny and grass and the big fella. The big swagger. Marcus spears is ready to go with us this morning. This louis riddick will join us later today as there's plenty of football to get into but we begin by bringing the brooms sweep of the night and denver sons nuggets game for the mvp. Is nicole ioka looking to keep the season alive. Second quarter yoga working on the andre. That's his move eighteen and ten in the first half four yoga wasn't yoke and around then a minute to play in the second sons. Four davin brooker outward. Is he twenty one in the first half on his way to thirty four phoenix up. Eight at the break. Five minutes to go in the third chris. Paul had an unbelievable game. thirty seven points. Fourteen of nineteen from the floor. Ep three fallen away under four to play in the third. Now here's a terrible moment. yokich great year. But this is an awful way for it to win over here in frustration boom as just a dirty plate. Smacking cameron payne flagrant. To is the call. Everyone gets in his face and for easy to understand reasons. Take a look. Did you go in for the ball. Short is that necessarily clearly not nice moment there as he walks off. But that's how it seems because cpi three and company would put it away from their chris. Paul thirty seven and the sons with a sweep one twenty five one eighteen the motion between the player and the coach. Monty williams spectacular. So there's that then we get to net bucks game four game of the day janas and company looking to even up this series and this would be just a terrible moment in the second quarter. Keep an eye on kyrie irvings. Watch him go up and then watch him. Come down right on the foot of janas. Take a close look. We'll give you a close look at the ankle. Here's that's about as bad as that can get. You would not return the rest of the game. Right ankle sprain. He's leave the building on crutches. We'll get more from malaysia. Later in the hour milwaukee five at the break and they would pull away in the third quarter. Janas going strong up the past holidays at ten point game then. It's chris middleton beat the buzzer at the third quarter. That's a shot. He was great last night. James harden can only watch just over eight minutes left now in the fourth bucks up a dozen and just watch you on his in transition. I'm going to stop him. He had thirty four and twelve. And then watch here you honest sort of running slowly up the floor. And then he's not wanting so slowly anymore. Throw it up and throw it down big fella again thirty four twelve for the greek freak durant twenty eight and thirteen in the loss blocks twenty one zero seven ninety six. We're tied to the nets are in trouble. Cross our fingers and hope that It's it's better than than

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