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I everybody. I'm reference tagalog on from italy. I work at the university of middle giant moment. I'm also visiting professor at University in worth and my work. It's very much around the world so my partner nurse are mostly canada and in the us People let mit especially yemen center for collective intelligence. And i have very good friends Disease are close circle and then we expanded so thank you very much for having me. Oh it's a pleasure to have welcome to the show. Could you expand a little bit. On what your specialties are. What are the areas of research you focus in. So i've been studying gala social network analysis and i mean we work on three dimensions usually which is the study of social behavior and human interaction and human communication and we look at these topics with three lances. The first one is the social structure. So i specialize in social network analysis. The second one is the analysis of the content of the communications. So i do text. Mining and i specialize in the application of social network analysis to decks mining do text mining through social network analysis and the third dimension is that of temporal dynamics. We look at how behaviors and the contents of communication evolve over time

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