Mark Levin Says He's Tired in Impassioned 'Hannity' Monologue


And this is what I said. Cut one go. I'm going to tell you what's going on. I was part of the Reagan revolution as part of the tea party movement. Was part of the Trump revolution. There is a massive movement of foot. It's not under the radar. People just started looking at it. The silent majority is not going to be silent anymore. The American people are furious with what's happening to their country by American people. I mean, all American people who love this country, regardless of their color, their religion, their background. Red blooded Americans. They are sick and tired of what they've seen in the first six months of this administration. They don't like the way they're being treated by the elites in the media. They don't like being looked down upon by these phony professors who they bring on TV who trash them. They are disgusted with the teachers unions. Parents all over this country can't believe what's happened to elementary schools and secondary schools. Parents go broke to send their kids to college, another coming home on Thanksgiving or other days, and they don't know what's happened to them. We're paying for our own demise with tenured Marx's professors and administrators. For schools that are turning on our founding in our history. Americans love their history. Americans love their history, The good the bad and the ugly. Americans are sent all over the world to fight wars for people who do not look like them. America's borders are wide open. We have a president United States was violating our immigration laws who signs executive orders, like his Benito Mussolini were sick and tired of hearing from San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi. In New York City, Chuck Schumer, what they intend to do to our court system. Those courts belong to us attacking separation of powers and our constitutional construct. We're tired of the way the family is trashed in this country, the family We're tired away. Private property rights are treated in this country. We're tired of a lot of things going on in this

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