Interview With Maxwell VanHook, Creative Director at Amazon

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All right so tell us who you are and what you do. I am maxwell van hook. I am from baltimore maryland. Currently my professional life. I am in associate creative director on the amazon devices team. So that basically intel's anything that has alexa in it but it also involves the devices that amazon makes so you can think about your echo. Dots echo shows kindles emerging platforms. Like amazon luna was cloud gaming outside of my professional life. I made music lover. I'm also the co host of designing while black along with becca markham. So that sorta comprises. I am first and foremost. I would say with all of those things i i like to show up as a friend. So i'm disa- friend support system end a champion of other people's dreams. I like to see people succeed like to see people win house the going so far the years been good. I'm not gonna lie to you when kobe hit. I think that i had some psychological in emotional barriers. No just in terms of shifting. My schedule i had a routine i would get up every day. Probably around six thirty seven o'clock Do whatever i need to do for the morning. Get dressed go to work. Probably get coffee. When i went to work. And so it gets kinda monotonous in all of that broke down once kobe hidden so now i'm at home now with my wife and i'm with my cat and nobody's really going outside and so added create new routines for myself. I had to learn how to work out with my home. I learned how to learn how to run with my own idol. Learn how to make sure that was keeping my mind active. No outside of my day to day work and i also need to figure out how to keep myself emotionally and mentally stable. So it's been good. 'cause i learned a lot about myself I really had to scrutinize what i want from life and allow me to be still

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