Vegas Is Open Again

Even Money


Breaking news. Las vegas in my opinion has announced the pandemic. It's in the past. We are moving forward. We are opening up. Our cases are not exploding despite that my past weekend very hard to get a parking spot on the strip high limits on all the blackjack tables on the strips social distancing pretty much a thing of the past in vegas. It is exciting overweight. We didn't open up too soon. I don't think that we did with vaccines nation rates. Going up vegas excited. I don't follow this stuff that closely. I will say i've done a couple of things recently. Where it certainly felt like things were a little more back to normal which was really fun. You know being out to dinner out with a group of people and it felt like more normal although i think i saw a tweet right before we started the show where pennsylvania actually had an uptick in cases last week. So i don't know. I guess i would say if you're going to go back to normal and you're going to go back to doing things like that with other people and social gatherings. Hopefully you're vaccinated. I'm not here to make any judgments or anything. I just don't want you guys to get covid so or if you get it to get sick so if you're gonna go back normal hopefully you already got back state. Evidently a decent amount of people pennsylvania. Steve went back to normal but they're not vaccinated.

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