President Biden, Belarusian Airlines And White House discussed on John McCulloch


Which is elicited wide spread shock and fury. With the leaders taking unusually swift action. In response, they have agreed to ban Belarusian Airlines from using the airspace on airports of the 27 Nation bloc, impose sanctions on officials and urged the International Civil Aviation Organization to start a probe into the episode. Some describe as a state terrorism or piracy. I'm shells, little asthma. The White House has announced a one day summit between President Biden and Russia's Vladimir Putin on June 16th at the end of President Biden's upcoming foreign trip to Europe next month, he'll meet face to face with the Russian leader in Geneva. The White House statement says the goal is to restore predictability and stability to the U. S. Russia relationship. The Biden administration has a long list of complaints with Moscow, including election interference, the solar winds hacking and the arrest in jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. White House correspondent Greg Clugston. President Biden met with the family of George Floyd at the White House Tuesday. On the one year anniversary of Floyd's death. Terrence Floyd says the meeting with President Biden and Vice President Harris was an honor for them to sort of concerned. So our family

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