Dr. Jill Biden Is A First Lady For All of Us

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Jill biden visits community colleges which is a lot these days. She was received in highly choreographed. Settings by governor say were members of the public as the nation's first lady but to administrators teachers. She has dr. Jill biden college professor at salt community college in illinois. There were pink and white flowers out. Everywhere befitting her visit the even matched her white dress and pink jacket but there was also a welcome. Dr biden sign so huge that the period on the doctor was as big as her head. It felt like a subtle rebuke to that scolding. She was subjected to back in december for using the title. She has every right to indeed in all the places she goes lately. She is honored as a woman with several degrees. Who has worked really hard her whole life at the most relatable job there is. Everyone has a favorite teacher. After all on our visit to the navajo nation. In april dr biden was introduced by someone came to think of as the ruth bader ginsburg of indian country chief justice of the navajo nation. Supreme court joanne. Jane a tiny woman with hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. Winning doc martens dr biden. Millions reap inspiration from your quote. Teaching isn't just what i do. It is who i am in birmingham alabama. She was introduced by a lawyer. Liz huntley a sexual abuse survivor whose parents were drug dealers. I want to thank dr biden from the bottom of my heart for the role that she plays not just the first lady but for her heart for educating she told me she's grading papers on the plane. Y'all what who does that. They say being an educator as a calling in your life that you can't resist and she just won't let it go. December debate of titles seems awfully small in the face of all of this. Jill biden schools visiting vaccinations sites traveling to red states to sell the american rescue. Plan telling folks that help us here. The role she's fulfiling on these visits is in many ways neither first lady nor professor but a key player in her husband's administration a west wing surrogate and policy advocate and underestimated asset. As mary jordan the washington post reporter written a book about melania trump. Put it to me. It's hard to imagine. Joe doing this without her which is not to say that dr biden who is constitutionally shy doesn't take special delight in these visits she becomes looser goofy and more expansive. You generally hear her before you see her because she is often laughing. She is quite simply a joy multiplier as part of her elevator pitch for free community college part of the one point eight trillion american families plan president biden proposed to congress in april. She likes to talk about one of most dedicated students. A military interpreter from san came to america to start a new life a few semesters ago. I got a text trimmer. It was like six in the morning on my way to the hospital. Have my baby research. Paper will be laid to which. I replied excuses excuses.

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