A highlight from 06/15/2021 - HOUR 2 - Aaron Rodgers, Udonis Haslem


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However there's a treatment plan option that can help delay another episode a once monthly injection for adults with schizophrenia. If delaying another episode. Sounds like it could make a difference for you or your loved one. Learn more at once monthly different dot com and talk to your doctor sponsored by janssen pharmaceuticals inc. Thanks for listening to the heard. Podcast be sure to catch us live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon pacific on fox sports radio and find your local station for the hurt at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching. Heard you're listening to fox sports radio Here we go. it's our to. It is great to have you in a live in los angeles going to be a hot one this week. The heard wherever you may be however you may be listening iheartradio fox. Sports radio s. one. I think it's so funny. And all i ever hear about california everybody's leave in. oh california. no good. I'm reading story this morning. On bloomberg which is a reputable news organization california's economy fourth-biggest world separated from the rest of america during the pandemic. It's the healthiest. It's been ever raw. Okay here. now he's going to be hot for the next couple of days not well. It's summer now allow it. We have beaches. We have pools and beaches. Hot we'll get ninety degrees where i lived to be one four zero five in the valley. Well it's it's different life for you now because you move to a different part of town it's a little warmer but i'm okay with it. I got a pool. i'm fine. the dogs are fine. We go shade tree just high behind the tree. La itself like the city of la has different climates if you go to different parts of it. It's the only place in america. You watch the local weather you get three temperatures for every channel you get the temperature the city temperature and the desert temperature and you and i live. I live somewhere between the beach in the city temperature. Yeah exactly so it'll be warm but desert temperature next level. Yeah no it's it's all different stuff. But whenever i hear you gotta be careful about guy who's never been to california telling you about california. We're all good here. The economy's aglietta. We had a rough go but we made we made it through. So james jones was on the show last week. He's a friend of aaron rodgers. Aaron rodgers by the way. There's always a message with aaron rodgers. he's hosting a press conference right now. You know he's in that He bryce in d. shambo aaron rodgers. Tom brady phil mickelson. Celebrity golf thing in errands holding a press conference today wearing a shirt saying i'm offended. There's always a message with it's passive aggressive. There's always a message but james jones was saying. Oh let's not read too much into these comments by mark murphy about aaron too complicated fella here is former packer. James jones lizard. I have a very good relationship with mark murphy. And if you have a relationship with aaron rodgers no he's not a complicated fellow and that's what anything you were talking about. The future of hall of fame quarterbacks career yes going to be complicated he wants something you know something so when you do have a relationship with them no. It is not complicated. We'll get together. Get a relationship with aaron rodgers. I have one and get this thing together. Did it fix well james. You weren't a franchise quarterback and you're not prickly and you're not a guy that has had dust ups with multiple people just you know all these days the last three times. I've talked about aaron. I've taken erin side so today is pro packer side. Let's not make it frame it like. It's easy to have a relationship with aaron rodgers. he's had dust-ups public. This is not my opinion with family multiple family members. He's had dust up with teammates multiple teammates. He didn't get along with his last coach. he's now fighting with his front office. He used to when he played on monday night. Football announcer you went to college. He wouldn't give cal the benefit of the doubt. He would go butte junior college because he was mad at cal. Aaron gets mad at people all the time coach. The front office cal. Berkeley bears his brother. Let's not make this out to be. Aaron is so easy to get along with. The packers are just people by the way ninety. Nine point nine percent of players who have ever played for the packers rave about the organization. I've had multiple players. Tell me green bay knowing that it's a small town not much to do trade tits players better than any organization in the nfl. They will iron your underwear. They'll do everything they treat you. Like gold the two people they've struggled with brett farve. Who by the way. We have noticed since he laughed. Can be difficult to deal with and aaron rodgers who has a history of being calculated and difficult to deal with now. He's a star quarterback star quarterback in management. It's not great right. So i'm not i'm not banging on. Aaron is that it's the star quarterbacks. Now they deserve some love. They are the franchise. They are the ones that carry franchises. Two super bowls. But we gotta be careful about. Framing the errands easy. He's not easy. We've got multiple multiple instances public. These aren't even like. I'm not trying to reach for stuff. Brother parents team-mates coaches now. He's holding a press conference today with. I'm offended shirt on. You can read into that what you want to read into that but maybe this is all a game for aaron. He's playing with it. He thinks it's funny. And it it all just entertains him. But but let's be careful about. Hey just go have a relationship with aaron and it'll all be fine. James jones is easier to have a relationship with then with aaron rodgers. And

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