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Taking a look at KSFO Traffic sponsored by Fix. Sack five dot com For upcoming I five closure details starting at the Antioch Bridges, a two car crash blocking the middle lane before the toll plazas. This north down 1 60, the CHP has actually closed the will. For Avenue on wrapped in north on 1 60 because of that collision in Oakland, a multi vehicle crash is still over to the right shoulder on 87th down at Hagan Burger Dublin Grade. A two vehicle wrecked also over to the right hand shoulder eastbound 5 80 after Raul Ranch and in Fremont, a report of a stalled vehicle blocking a lane of traffic on 80 Colbun before Mowry Avenue. Traffic is a bit slow right around Thornton Avenue. Keep sack moving I five is improving construction will continue this summer. Long I five in Sacramento County. Text fixed sack 5 to 74121 for real time project alerts or visit fix. Sack five dot com For details with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Mm. Listen to that sizzle. That's the sound of America's most trusted, affordable and high quality meat from good ranchers. A good ranchers dot com. Our mission is to help the American family. How by working together with local farms and shipping straight to your door at good ranchers dot com. Your meat is never shipped from overseas. Like the other online butchers, we know pathetic. And at half the price of the Omaha meet guys, you get more

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