Interview With Video Editor, Tony Chang

The Insider


To this week's episode of the insider. My guest this week is a video editor. Why damian why you buy ask a video editor on a magic podcast. Well it's because it's tony chang. Tony thanks so much for agreeing to do the show. How are you this morning. Good how are you on lovely. Thank you now this whole week because the show drops are the monday this whole week. We've could tony chang week and we're dedicating it to downloads. Which is very exciting. Indeed a first of all your magic origin story. You've got twenty seven seconds that that long the c- do it and hiking. I guess beautiful up. Check your syllables though fat kid. Too much time Learn too much lie and think magic was supposed to be perfect disappointed then Found true love there. You go that rhymed Almost and it was only slightly off on the syllable count. I remember coming to visit manhattan about twenty years ago and on the genie forum or somewhere. I found out about the saturday afternoon. Hang out remember where it was underneath. It was underneath something pizza. Place or delhi or something went up and said was greeted really warmly and said the card magic and somebody said oh you need to sit down with cancun's ellen and so i did and he proceeded to mess with my mind about half an hour but everything about that. Scene seemed really warm and welcoming to allow me outside. What's it like being in the new york. Magic scene was it was it inside well. That's that's interesting that you say that. So you went to a shop. Like with wesley james and all this but it was eastman on a baseman Things acknowle tacos i. That's that's an interesting way of putting it. I mean. I went to seattle for my college and that was the first time i really got to see magician because i grew up in idaho so like you fight as i did not see a a real magician went to college

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