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Miami Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava as crews searched the rebel of the collapsed condo building on the sixth day. It is expected to be another difficult day in terms of search and rescue efforts, certainly with rain in the forecast throughout the day, hundreds of rescue rescue workers try to make their way through deep pockets of concrete and metal at the sight of that partial glass foxes Charles Watson and serve side where there are 11 confirmed deaths. The president will go to Wisconsin today, standing by infrastructure compromise days after he threatened to veto it right after agreeing to it, if not tied to another plan only Democrats support administration officials continue to be in clean up mode after many Republicans say they essentially felt duped after negotiating on a bipartisan basis with the president of the United States President Biden out with a new op ed. I want to read part of it to you specifically about this infrastructure package, he says. In part, there is plenty of work ahead to Payments to resolve and more compromise to be forged. But this is a deal. The American Dave, hours after the US launched airstrikes targeting militias supported by Iran. The U. S military says American forces in Syria were attacked by multiple rockets yesterday evening. The military says no one was hurt and the troops responded with artillery fire. The U. S had described the earlier air strikes as defensive and designed to limit escalations. But militia groups responded by calling

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