Israel Moves Toward Coalition Deal That Could Sideline Netanyahu


Benjamin Netanyahu could be forced out of office soon after 12 years in power. Ah, coalition of his opponents agrees on very little, but they do agree he should go. Netanyahu has been fighting to hold them off. The main contender for that job is another right wing politician. Enough Tali Bennett. NPR's Daniel Estrin has been following this story from Jerusalem. Good morning, Daniel. Morning. No. Well, let's talk about the man who could be Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. He spoke last night. What did he say? Well, it was really something to watch Naftali Bennett for the very first time came out publicly and clearly against his longtime political partner, Benjamin Netanyahu. He said Israel was in a tailspin. He called it unprecedented political crisis for elections in the past two years with no conclusive result, he said, Netanyahu has been unable to form his own governing coalition but has hung onto office election after election. He said Antonio actually offered to share power with him and another right wing politician of last minute suggestion that Netanyahu gave But he said Netanyahu cannot be trusted to keep his promises. So he says that he's now going to try to join forces with centrists and leftists in what he calls a unity government so he would serve as prime minister and then later hand over the job to a centrist politician yet your repeat they will try to cobble together that coalition before a Wednesday midnight deadline. There are many ways that Netanyahu and his allies could scuttle this before it goes for final parliament vote in the coming days, But there is also a good chance that we are looking at the possibility of the end of Netanyahu's rule. So you have the right wing politician Bennett, who says he will partner with centrists and leftists, How will he pull that off? It may sound unbelievable because Bennett is a former settler leader in the West Bank. He's considered even more right wing than Netanyahu, he once told the New Yorker magazine. I'll do everything in my power to make sure the Palestinians never get a state And in the last election, he represented a small right wing party that only got about 6% of the vote. And yet he has become the consensus candidate for prime minister. He's the one who says he

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