A highlight from We Made It Weird #38


You saw made it with the home. What's happening where does. Oh we're doing the intro. Who gives up on starting. I mean i'm into at this is one of my. I think i said when we finish. That's my favorite episode. Did say back. And i mean they're all sort of my favorites but this one was incredible and we answered some questions and we got into it and i loved it and thank you and the poem at the end is my favorite poem. We've ever read so other than vows of course but my favorite guests on that we've ever read. We even talk about one of our sponsors in the ad in the episodes which is top. Net is a brand rooted in the belief that we can all feel better and live better through simple means and a deeper connection to the natural world. They are making incredible incredible. Cbd i was just on the phone today with their founder and we were talking at length about how hard it was for him to find the right grower of cbd. He went all over the country driving on back roads. He couldn't find products that were weren't like also with rows and rows hundreds of acres of corn. and also. here's some here some. He finally found like the groovy guy. It sounds in the world that was only growing hemp. Ned no the company's named ed And the farmer is also not named ed but they named ned to make it so it doesn't have to be like grew like cd trying to make it more like a beauty products. Something you can give your mom. It's a beautiful package. Much more like a beauty product Which is making it just more and more accessible which makes me so happy so he found this really cool guy that was just growing how he plays it music. He's all about the soil worm beds and like just really cares about it and into it and this is the only arab they use. Everything is third party lab reported. You can find the on the bottle. The coordinates of the farm where it was grown cold extracted. It's unbelievable grown in colorado. They sent me a bunch of it. The cbd no other flavor just mcat oil because it's so pure. It tastes super clean. And as i mentioned in this episode. I woke up this morning which is like a malays and i took some. Cbd your brain has those cannabinoid receptors built in. Sometimes it feels like exactly what i needed to either. Focus up and work years into and commit to what. I'm trying to do or to help me. Relax and distressed is just me speaking anecdotally. I'm saying it puts a smile behind my face. Like whether or not i'm smiling. I feel a smile kind of glowing from inside. It doesn't get you high. It's not like we'd in that way. It's almost up perceptual. You take a small amount as up percent perceptual. You definitely feel this mood. Elevation the stress reducing i call. Cd my happy juice and ned is making the best that i've ever tried it doesn't i already said it doesn't get you stone. Sorry i'm now. I'm looking at the script. They also make an incredible new magnesium super blend called mellow both love. It's seventy five percent of americans are deficient in. Magnesium stuff has several types of magnesium that help with focus productivity and relaxation. I told the story on wednesday that for the first time in years i fell asleep and under five minutes because i had some mellow before bed but it also i took it this morning and is really great to help you just first of all. You're missing it. You need it. Yeah he was telling me that the founder was telling me all about how like magnesium is something we give older people but it's like a young person thing he runs ultramarathons. He said it was wonderful. Refer recovery for performance and all of these of course this is an essential thing that human bodies need. It tastes great. You put it in water. You drink it down and i love what it's doing everybody not just relaxing but also just mellowing out as you would expect from a product called mel but also focus and productivity it supports over three hundred body functions magnesium three. So it's in charge of three hundred functions over three hundred ninety So get some mellow in you if you like. Cbd i highly highly recommend ned It is wonderful so you

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