A highlight from Episode 199 - Birdy


Hello and welcome to soda. Jacker on songwriting. This is simon accompanied as ever by bryant. And we hope you're he can well joining us for episode. one hundred. Nine thousand nine is a grammy nominated. English singer songwriter and musician. Who first demonstrated her precocious talents to the world. Almost a decade ago having been discovered at the tender age of just twelve. She's since not stop no less than twenty one platinum singles five million album sales and over a billion streams and youtube views. As you hearing this. She recently released their long. Awaited fourth studio album. Young heart written in la nashville with the help of co-produces infant chick and our guest daniel tashjian. We're very happy to welcome the wonderful betty to the show. August was born. Jasmine vanden bogart in one thousand ninety-six in lymington. In the new forest district of hampshire. His stage name apparently our referred to her as a baby. Because the way that you would open mouth to be fed. Her was a concert pianist than it was a writer. The former play classical music around the house while the latter leaned more towards pop like abba tracy chapman george michael and the beatles a creative child betty. He was always making your own short stories and withdrawn the piano from a very young age which began landing probably around the age of seven and zora de writing songs by the time she was eight she on the open mic. Uk talent contest when she was twelve following which signed her first publishing deal and a fourteen score their first top. Twenty uk hit a cover of bunny s skinny loaf which also charted across europe and when six times platinum in australia de released. Her opponents debut album in twenty eleven on which she covered songs by the likes of the postal service the national and fleet foxes in two thousand twelve. She received grammy nomination for a song. Land me right which. She contributed to the soundtrack of the pixar movie brave while another of their tracks. Just the game. Featured on the hunger games soundtrack the same year his second record fire within where these first of mostly original material dropped twenty and made the top ten of the uk album chart included writing contributions from one. Republic's ryan's form guests. Fraser t smith and wilson. And so he nominated for best british female solo artists that the twenty four team brits album number three beautiful lies co written with the likes of simon altered. Wayne hector and amy watch arrived in the spring twenty sixteen was another top ten entry in the uk anti the us folk chart to the same year with little fanfare bed issue three albums of instrumental piano music digital platforms and towards the end of last year. She wants again showcase their ability on the ivories with the release of their piano sketches. Ep own a little bit of random view. All hey great. Uncle is the legendary british actor. Dick bo god startups such classics as death in venice victim and the bridge too far. I'm all about the doctor. Franchise myself union. James robinson justice obsession. He can sample selection of tracks from bear. These brand new record young hearts and quotes from all of their albums so far

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