How To Hold the Media to Account ft. Miqdaad Versi

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Many of us thought about how the way. The media reports nizam listens issued problem. It's not great has major challenges since he had for net. But let's say about five years ago. The amount of what is being done to resolve. This seems to be quite useful. And so i i. I saw a story on On mail-on-sunday which said muslim god does x. Winds it i was like what's going on how you save muslim gang. I looked at the story. There's no justification as muslim. He's not to be restrained. Jurist many background. We didn't know that And why are they saying. Muslim guy who attacked police are out. So i just say what can i do so simple campaigns And that contains them mean. This was be doing it in a capacity. Just you know i. I was assistant actually nelson election. But i wasn't doing this in any. We'll walk us just sending a note and It was a key regulation resign. They basically said this is a potential issue so they got the mail on sunday. All and the and the managing editor remain on. Sunday coal meow. Meow responded to see. Let's catch up for a couple of hours to discuss this. So it's about me meeting with the managing editor for the mail on sunday after one single complaint And so i was like oh. This is fantastic. So let's spend two weeks every night finding everything with us on sunday. His which is problematic collecting all making sure having strong dossier to them tool through them out and then and then meet this guy. Because i didn't want to just if given an opportunity to make an impact by not doing something with the impact that that's the failure and in some respects is not the time to do it so i don't mean fat but wherever it's possible we should try and use the thoughtful given us as effective as possible so i didn't said living meet with the just to be clear. I'm assuming they don't address every complaint with a. Let's sit down and have a coffee. Probably because of the work that you've been doing with this was it's probably because i. I mentioned that. I was involved with the muslim councillor. Richardson that might be the reason. Why hate pc center. But it's definitely the case that they they respond to all complaints in in that

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