A highlight from Ambies Insights #455

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Amblin welcome to the new media show name is tad cochran. I'm joined by my co host. Mr rob greenlee a little different setup. We have today rob. it is. Were in the the riverside platform and things are things always sound good over here. Don't they todd. Help you sound good. I hope by sandra. I'm on my very fancy are set neca. Etr twenty one hundred. I'm not in a sound condition room today. I'm sitting at a kitchen table of my house in hawaii so i'm here For a week my son is graduating. High school camara so we get to socially distance and sit. Ns stadium tomorrow so thirty. Five thousand people stadium eight hundred parents. I i think. There's an uproar brawls. Oh that's that's unusual in the in the age of covert. Isn't it i. i will say this anyone that's looking to come to hawaii. They made the process much better since i was here in december oh good What along as you have your ducks zero before you lead the lower forty eight in other words yet. You have to fill out a health questionnaire. Twenty hours before league you have to have a kobe tests seventy two hours before wheels in the well and you have to sit up a flight attendant. Mary what they actually did is when i checked in in chicago actually went to the gate. They had a team. That looked at my. Qr code from the state of hawaii scandal. Damian actual wristband. So when i got off the airplane in honolulu i was able to walk straight. The baggage claim the last time i was here. It was chaos because they run his through like like multiple rows of in. It really took like an hour and a half. It was insane so they they much improved the process so anyone sigma coming away. It's lots of business. Lots of took the airplane was full from one end to the other so for nine and a half hours. Yeah i flew to los angeles for the mb's Last friday so it's In the airplane was probably half full. Also that's not so bad but yeah it was. It was You know elbow to elbow met supposedly. We've all had our kobe tests so there shouldn't have been anybody the risk of -sposed to be low in that anyway but anyway.

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