Is There a Haunted Lake Near Oregon's Very Own Area 51?


And what many people call oregon's area fifty one not far from oregon's lincoln city downtown is the six hundred and eighty five acre devil's lake. One hundred years ago. It was called indian bay. That is until it was invaded by an evil spirit. Said that indian warriors attempted to cross late one night when returning from a hunting trip never reached the other side subtler till i'll how tentacles came out of the water wrapped around the indians canoe and pulled them under to this day. Many locals will not approach the lake at night. Although the devils like monster hasn't been seen in a hundred years it said that dust the spirits of the warriors can be viewed at the water's edge searching for their canoes continued travelling north from lincoln city on route eighteen. And you enter the twelve mile van doozer cord or where it said you'll pass by oregon's own area. Fifty one many drivers using a corridor as a commute to lincoln city. Say they often feel like their cars being driven by an unseen force. Some reports seen lights in the sky. Others say they've seen people along the road who disappeared before there is. These are business men and women. This could be attributed to the haunting of a ghost town along the corridor. Just east rose lodge. But perhaps he's reports aren't supernatural to hikers in the woods parallel to the corridor claim to have spotted a military base locals. Report that forested road branching off the twelve mile corridor recently was blocked off and there actually is a government testing facility not far from that section of route eighteen lights in the sky people disappearing an unseen force. It takes over passing cars. Next time you visit oregon's lincoln city be sure to visit devil's lake and drive the twelve miles of van doozer corridor. Then you decide supernatural or the results of testing at a secret government base now joe out of bright

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