USMNT Announces Gold Cup Roster



Right into a charlie. This is this is what we like to do. This is only like to think about. This is what we're looking forward to this summer after that. Big nations league victory from the us. Mnt the gold cup. We knew that this was not going to be the same roster. That went out competed oakley one that nation's league tournament gregg berhalter has been saying it for a long time. We're gonna have to separate groups. There might be a little bit of overlap and likely that overlap is gonna come from mls players because it is the summer and you've got transfer window open you've got guys going into preseason camps trying to earn their way like for instance. He said brian reynolds not here because joe's marino doesn't generally play younger players so they want brian reynolds to beat at roma from the jump with the new manager to make sure he has a chance to get into the team otherwise he's going to be working From behind a couple other names in that scenario where cameron carter vickers gotta figure his cup situation. Eric palmer brown to figure out his cup situation. And greg said admitted our centre-back cool is a little bit light. So here is the roster for those of you who haven't seen it goalkeepers matt turner the likely starter. Funny story there. We'll get to that shawn johnson. Brad gazon defenders george bellew reggie cannon shack more. That was a little bit of a surprise. Donovan pines another site. Surprise but again center back a little bit thin per berhalter miles robinson a starter says greg james sands sam vines and walker zimmerman the other presume starter at center back in the midfield coma. Kosta general kabuchiko stand up kansas city especially jet criminal. Don eric williamson. Who was my must have on this roster injection you'll end up top paul arriola gerald decay. Nicholas keeney matthew hoppy. Who's in for the first time. Jonathan lewis josse artists. Give me your initial reactions. You saw this. Twenty-three you're thinking about the summer you're thinking about the task at hand which is both to win a gold cup but also develop players to push into the first team to get to the world cup. What are you thinking right now on this thursday morning for me. I'm thinking there's not any anyone that i'm particularly surprised about. That's one too. I think this group is is has enough quality to win now if mexico brings. They're a team. That's going to be challenged in especially with mexico hungary to avenge that nation's league loss.

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