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And you'll hear from tons of players and coaches and camp right now. In fact kevin fancy about to speak at scam. We'll bring you the best of what he's as soon as we get. It puts a live report complete when everyone's nfl live. I don't know. I already can't talk. Today's that's not a good sign for all of us here. Someone here layers. Tell you why you we'll have to wait. Long to see. Justice deals no matter. What matt nagy said. And one of those people could be kimberly. Martin louis riddick or dan orlovsky here with you for the hour and did you guys hear that to identify lowest in five hundred sections in practice. Yesterday well came quite as three even though it's june and it was well practiced. We don't know the full context of the interceptions. Because video wasn't taken of the past is made in a torrential downpour. But here's what to us and his head coach brian. Flores said about the uproot coming out to this first day of minicamp aggressive push. The ball downfield. Obviously you want to be smart. But you know if there's time if there's a time to make mistakes now's the time to make mistakes you test the waters and see what works. What doesn't work so that you're gonna make you know. Go learn from it. Make adjustments in in trying to improve by never practice it or never know. Try to attempt to do it. Then what makes me think. I can get it done in a game. Four is clearly looking for to be more aggressive especially downfield last season two ranked twenty second or worse and percent of a tense twenty plus yards air yards per pass attempts and touchdowns hurt since he also held the lowest. Qbr in the nfl passes twenty five plus yards. So they're trying to be aggressive. Dan is this the right move considering that it's june and it's just practice. Yeah absolutely i think first of all stats and the springer stupid. You guys know that. Thomas edison quote where he says. I have not fail. Dodges figured out ten thousand ways to do something wrong. And i think that should really be a focus for so many quarterbacks especially young ones in the spring is like figuring stuff out what you can and can't get away with and we talked about to opinion more aggressive down the field attached to young quarterbacks. All the time is we'll protect football. I've never liked them. Value the football. You wanna protect your kids. Never allow anything bad to happen. But the gobi great at that position the nfl the bowl. That'd be put in harm's way at sometimes and that's why you gotta learn to be aggressive with it a little bit and you heard brian flores. Say like the last thing. The dolphins into a want is to get into a game in september ball beyond the right hash. He's got his speech. There jalen waddle all the way to left. And it's going to be some form of a cover to to admit. I wonder if i can throw this ball. Forty yards down the sideline to the left and a whole shot. And he's never done it like this is the time to figure out what you can and cannot do so. This is exactly what to it should be doing. I remember four years ago. And patrick mahomes six interceptions in one practice in. Everyone lost their minds. You gotta figure out what your is capable of and not capable of doing the right thing. This time of year is was always my favorite time of year as a player. Because it did give you a chance to really work on some things and figure out. Just what your limits war and. I think that's what they're trying to with and again laura's you alluded to the we don't have the context every interception so i wouldn't overreact to it now. What i will say though is this. I think overall in the grand scheme of things. Miami needs to make sure that once they start approaching the regular season and they're getting into those last couple of preseason games that they definitely have a plan for making sure that they can unlock everything that we can do from physical perspective by not having him jammed up mentally. I think too is one of the types of players going back to the days at alabama is that his best one is mind is free and that he is really utilizing his athletic ability and things are simple for him and they're not giving him too much. At the line of scrimmage. I know the quarterback is a complex position to play. I've never played it but nor played against them. Good ones and there's some in most most of the great ones have a lot of processing power. But you know what i think with two or just make sure that this guy is allowed to play free and play losing your jamming him up. And i think we'll see the best of it because this is going to be a position for them. That is scrutinized very very heavily. I just hope they can get the best out of him when the time comes. Yeah i agree guys. June is the time where you make some of these mistakes. Feel some of these things out. Here's the thing with two hour though. These things aren't happening within a vacuum. You know his five interceptions happen on the heels of him telling the media and fans. I didn't really know the playbook now feel more comfortable because last year. I know there are some moments where i didn't know what was happening on the heels of last season where he was bench for ryan fitzpatrick where there were games. Where it's like brian. Flores made the decision that this guy gives us the best chance to win this game so all of that together. You know it's building this. Perception around miami is to really the guy. So that's why. I'm so excited to see what happens in training camp and beyond because this is a pivotal year for tour. Wanna make one quick point coming off of what lewis said when it came to like the way too. It gets coached. And i said. There's so many times for young quarterbacks. I want them to be more aggressive. Downfield right they got willfuller. They drafted waddell. Like we all want to be more aggressive. Downfield also important to remember for the coaches down to miami. What kind of player to is like he is not a three point shooter. He's a kill you with the mid range. Two point game guy and while everybody wants him to push the ball to those speedsters downfield and this is the time certainly test that out. Let's not make him somebody that he's not this big powerful armed guy. He is a decisive accurate. Pick you apart type of quarterback while we wanted to push the ball downfield. Keep that in context as well. And then he's an in the moment feeling the field type player instinctual. That was one of the things that a lot of the nfl that liked him in the draft ended up saying about him. That would have been why they would have drafted him. Meanwhile too far less precarious quarterback situation in baltimore. We're lamar jackson enters his fourth season in baltimore coming off. Vaccine back playoff exits in the divisional round questions. Lou run a contract extension head coach. John harbaugh today made it very clear who his quarterback at a teacher is more confident. In the monitor stands. What's important. I mean i mean the more is gonna get to. You know. look what he's done is he's gonna get paid you know. He knows that the question becomes is. What's he gonna do. You know what's his legacy going to be as a quarterback. That's what he focused on. That's what's so great about it. I don't know how close to my legs on fire him like i say i'm always get it in. Give me one of the on the super bowl. I everybody else. Got one a quarterback for one job you know. He did a great job to team he wanted. I want to come in and wake me one. So the companies and be like okay idea we. Did you want me one teammates. We started we supposed to do to not. Can you know sit back when i have grandkids and stuff. Yeah we did talk my trash best lewis to about talking trash. She think lamarque and do it. Can he win the super bowl that he keeps talking about. He's been talking about this by the way the last few years. Which is what you want. Out of your franchise quarterback. Yeah look i think he can be an integral part of this team. This organization winning another super bowl. Absolutely i do. And i think you know i said on purpose this team and this organization because it's gonna take a total team effort for lamar that means he's going to have to make sure that he's in lockstep with the people who would it comes to

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