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It comes as no surprise to me that during the pandemic so many of us found solace and things like the versus. Battles are listening to dj nice. Here's a snippet of my conversation with registered dance and movement therapists jennifer sterling talking about the significance of music in healing culturally. Music is incredibly significant. And there's a a different kind of connection that we make when it comes to music because can co regulate with the sound in with voice and so even though we're in virtual space and were not necessarily connected to each other in community were all connected to this one thing this sound this voice. This dj and our nervous systems can tap into that and that can feel really supportive. There's community in for more gyms like this. Be sure to catch the rest of the conversation by lowering the black music month episode of the therapy for black girls. Podcast right here on iheartradio or wherever you get your podcast. It can sometimes feel like another schizophrenia. Episode is just around the corner in fact a study found that patients had an average of nine episodes in less than six years. However there's a treatment plan option that can help delay another episode a once monthly injection for adults with schizophrenia. If delaying another episode. Sounds like it could make a difference for you or your loved one. Learn more at once monthly different dot com and talk to your doctor sponsored by janssen pharmaceuticals inc. Omitted is a production of iheartradio. I wanted to do something i knew. I need to change in my life. And i'm like pecora will try it. You know it was. We thought it would be fun for adventure. Do something outside the box. Todd tillman had been working in ministry for more than twenty years. He was a pastor of the cornerstone church in meridian mississippi. He had eight kids and he had been married for more than two decades and then he wanted a change color in each called a calling. How caught a midlife crisis but todd new that he just needed to do something else. So todd tillman. Pastor from. Mississippi tried for the voice. What is your name. todd. Tillman i am forty. One years old and i'm from meridian mississippi about most importantly i'm married for twenty one years really my head. I was like oh my god. He is voiced it really was a surreal moment that this is him on the voice and then it was like of a blur. That's todd's wife. Brooke the two of them have been married since she was eighteen. And todd was twenty. They were high school sweethearts and she is the one who made. Todd go two that audition for the voice. I believe that brooke. Tillman is the reason that todd tillman eventually won the voice. I've said it before but it is very true

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