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The sons had a 25 22 lead at the end of one There would be a one point game at halftime 48 47, but Clippers would come out and grab an early three point lead in the second half. We go to the fourth, It's 75 71 this game, much like the first game really played inside of a phone booth. No one had a big lead. Seven point lead for the Sons was the Max. Here we go forth Kota highlights Cameron Payne game of his life covered by Paul George. Drives to his left, put it up off glass and got it to fall. That's a career high now for campaign with 25. It gives the sons of five point lead. Cameron Payne have one have another inbound. Can't Johnson for free? Great sideline out of bounds Play by Monty Williams thinks that 91 85 Phoenix Cam Johnson would have 11 Cameron Payne would have 29 game of his life. Meanwhile, with the basketball campaign on top of the The screen. It will be breezy for three picks. Its 96 90 ft six point lead from the Sun's at that point, but do not count out 15 do not count out the Clippers. Because here comes Paul George gets into the paint. Trying to get it over. Zoom Bongbong Block it and Paul George, coming back quickly. The other way for the Clippers crosses over into the paint, lays it up and in the Clippers, leading one a 1 to 100 with 30 seconds to go. And Monty Williams calls time out. So what do you do? You go to your big ball. You already had a bruise over his nose because he collided with Patrick Beverley. I'm talking about Devin Booker. This didn't take longer gets it goes to his right rises on shooting. It's 12 to 1 on one Devin Booker. Cold blooded booker. It was absolutely brilliant from Booker. Middle

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