A highlight from 3410: All We Are Saying w/ Usama Siddiquee and Vincient Garcia


Gentlemen co host. You can't get out of ladies and gentlemen kenya. I can't honestly i really. Can't shastri heard the last show that we did where we even talked about that. It's a. I don't even know if i i don't even know if i mean it or it's a placeholder or just flows into the next thing i have said ladies and gentlemen and i'm like that's not what i intended to say you do to kind of get started so yeah i hear you and i appreciate that you thought about it. Okay here. we go folks. Y'all here he is the co host the mango bay from. Bt's fifty central from showtimes. Diesen marrow from america's got talent osama siddiqi. Thank you ladies and gentlemen happy to be here apparently cancelled for what does that be. Why is that bad. I don't even know why why is about it is feeding into the binary. If we're going to say that some non nonbinary then we're going to introduce them to you as well sure. Sure sir that actually now that makes sense so. I did hear at stonewall indo once i remember a drag queen yelling it out ladies and gentlemen so yeah right now. I mean it's standard. I'm not gonna kill kief after we finished recording. You know just like of note that when you're hosting a show it's very difficult to start in to find something so you lean on what you already heard. This podcast has called keith. And the girl you know. Put up to we're gonna share doesn't grow up with right now who i saw the girls always dating. I call them my girl girl how you doing my girl and she was the first one to ever be like what you can't do that. Girl a woman i. It's like what we're doing. I just can't say it's a comma for me you know. What a girl are you doing girl. And i've had to evolve on that and not be able to and you know what i have thought recently of. How many new listeners were losing because of that identifier. Because this show just like this. Show the the the story that you just told. That's how keith referred to me. Because i said don't use my name when he had popular blog and i was like you can say everything that we do because that's your point of view. It's your perspective. Don't say my name they'd be like the girl and i you know whatever and now i do say i don't even i don't even like when people say lady was the first idea of the podcast the first name keys in the fucking broad was that the that was the first name that we had like. Maybe not let's think how that looks tattooed and there was also a second layer that i think you might appreciate at. Nobody could say my name right to hear a show title that i have worked at a. I work on a show where the show title. Where here keith. in canada. I'd rather hear the girl. And maybe that so i think less feminism about the title more it was about immigration than on a platform. Green card do the full citizenship. Kick me green

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