Steven Crowder on YouTube's Persecution of His Show


One of the strikes came in. Not be a super super super specific, but look, one of them was we went against the World Health Organization guidelines for Kobe. He's in the same World Health organization who said there is no human human transmission and who said that it emerged from nature. Now here's the thing. Keep in mind. We only went against it by using the CDC on air you to consider this a violation of medical misinformation. I had to go to say. Well, what is important is we need to study the immune response here because young people meaning toddlers in teenagers, according to the CDC, are far more likely to die from the standard flu. Then from Cove it now with old people. It's the opposite cove. It is far more lethal. But for some reason it effects different immune systems significantly differently than you see, based on age. They said. They said that on the air heresy ever seen, that was a hard strike. That was a hard strike against the account where that means you can no longer stream for a little while. They didn't give us an exact answer, But they said, You said something along those lines. They never said it was wrong. This is what's important. The next strike was in praising the officer who shot Mukai Bryant for people who forgot that story. Because the left wants to move on. They don't want to be held accountable. This was the officer who shot The young black lady while she was stabbing another young black lady, and I said, not only do I think it's a justified shoot from the officer. I think it's necessary. It's a cop can shoot someone while they're in the middle of stabbing somebody. Then there's no reason to have cops, which is what we know they ultimately wants. That was considered a violation because they said it was rebelling in the death of somebody, so we're one step away, one strike away. From losing the biggest conservative program that has ever existed on YouTube. It would be like the FCC stepping in on Lee. They're not a government entity. That's the problem. These air these air business entities with foreign interests. It would be like if the FCC stepped in and said, Hey, Rush Limbaugh, you say one more thing that offends Sandra Fluke. Taking off his

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