Economist Noreena Hertz Says Loneliness Is Bad for Our Health and Wealth


And your book. You make an interesting argument. You say that woman is not annoying is not only initiative mental health. There's also Economics and politics involved in this. You know what do you estimate is the The four extent of this problem even beyond the mental health issue. So you know as as you know all too well that leninist is bad for mental health and that there is a link between loneliness anxiety and loneliness and depression and even leninists and suicide. Wilson know that lenses Physical health Manifesting in high blood pressure high levels of court could sell stress hormones in our body pulse rates all if these essentially not good for our body to be in a state of for protracted periods as loneliness often as many Which is why loneliness can even reduce our life expectancy by as much as Make our risk of dying prematurely Is much is said. He percent higher than if you're lonely so It is. It's not just health effects. Leninist is also bad for our wealth bad for our wealth collectively in part because if the cost the health k. bud healthcare bird and That lameness puts public health systems but also because leninists is bad for the workplace. Lonely work is less efficient s mandated less productive and more likely to quit company. The work as want that the single biggest determinant for whether somebody will remain at compute note is whether they have a friend at work so leninist really significant business program as well and also as i found in my research Inexorably linked to the rise of right wing populism in recent years. I'm not saying that everyone who's lonely. The populists of the right. Of course they don't but a significant katri if those who do lonely lonely in the sense of have more limited social networks much week support systems. We ca- ties with friends. Fewer acquaintances even fewer people to rely upon and times. If need but also langley in the sense of failing

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