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Sixty-six but this is the journey of an unlikely few. Meet the bad batch. You're ready for this. The leader in and out quickly and quietly brecca the broiler on. That's an all the axe tank. The specialist this is not a standard military operation echo. This great plan of yours looking really lousy about cross half the marksman away halted by genetic mutations a rag tag band of close struggles facilities and their choices will determine the fate in dangerous new galaxy. Welcome to episode sixty to a radio free endo and the bad batch report where we catch up week by week with clone fourth nine thousand nine as they escape from the newly formed. Go out to empire. I'm jamie your host and with me is my son. Christopher how you doing chris. I'm doing very well. How are you. i'm really good. I've got a new job which are starting in the next month which will put me back onto a forum for shift so that means got plenty of time to to do some bits and bobs more podcast and deir maybe your deck in yes hopefully I'm looking forward to yep so without give me a full day's over you and plus by then we'll the the coup will probably be gone. That's another thing as well chris. I am fully vaccinated. I had my second shot today. Couldn't get is sticker though. Mind as she said. I'm sorry i can't give you stick on. I was like oh. I wanted that so i could facebook like everybody else. A free vaccination is probably good enough here true. It's nice to be vaccinated and ready and and i am ready to fly out of to florida this year. As long as it's all like we don't have to south isolate for ten days when we come back a pain of the bump. But what's been happening to you now. Chris novocaine vein just all the typical things why king waiting for sunshine dealing with rain and Watching star wars as gifted a lot of watching stores. Yeah recently Finished rebels and not want to the onto the original three movies. Well that's cool. How did your partner holly take the end of rebels. She like it. You know spoilers spoil now if you've not seen rebels which is on disney plus but with the what happened to kane and and weapon into as raw out the chief abiola bottled up. It's really hard because it's just like a circle. When has died she was obviously very upset with it on wanted to that how she survived and i say you know is kind of time. Travel is kind of this kind of of united states. We've like she watches the episode. Where canaan sacrifices his life. I guess upset because that was stupid because he survived. He didn't need to die Book actually applaud the plan at the end of the day that he wanted to do and pov To end the empire and yes. She really enjoyed She thought that it could this. The tv show should have ended on absurd says teen the war between ends on as reseize at wolf in the distance and takes out to be canaan and says goodbye to canaan but obviously if we take walk Old yoda says in empire strikes back is that lucas. The only djeddai. You all the last of your kind than you would know that as con- survive it all that must be a reason why He is there and we watched the liberation of life. Oh on newsradio goods. I'm really gets me hyped up for the soka. Tv show knowing what could potentially happen. Yes i'm looking for tonight as well I in fact what will do chris. An is especially what's been in the news as well will get over to the news and then We'll affidavit discussion about what the ball spindler's and then we'll get onto the episode showy. Yeah lifting colt last. Go for the new. You've taken your first step into a larger work right so the news that we chatted well talking about as we're on sources where Fence attracts and we'll jet. I news so if you've got access to them. Look up on google because the information we're going to give us on that plus much much more. They go into a lot of detail with a lot of different subjects. Both are excellent right. Chris you can go. I love you say on there. Yes so that obviously news that the ranges of the new republic has been put on. Hold that not necessarily said it's been cancelled. That not necessarily said is hundred not going forward ages. I think even as just a news report saying it has been on hold. That was from varity. I believe not officially from disney. But yeah it's been born. Hold and i'm not against it i think. Yeah let's say your false. I well this is. This came the news that day felonious been promoted to executive creative director it as well now as far as we know. The range of the new republic was set to diving to the characters of of kara dune and grief cargo. And so. I was kind of hoping that this is one of those series. I was hoping would stay. Because when disney announced all these series going into production. I was thinking i bet you. Two or three of them are going to be stricken off and the seems to be a shift in what's happening with lucasfilm and with disney in especially with The worst happening with kathleen and you have to look all over the incident with the still flits might be useful speculation of course because we've not actually at any concrete proof in anything of this official from disney or lucasfilm but it seems that Under a management you could say star mos hasn't really gone not well but if you put somebody who's in charge of star was that as pure fan. Maybe who's loved. Who's been taught under george. Lucas could be stayed into the right now. I have absolutely faith in in Day felony that he can make the sequel trilogy bet so if you know what i mean chris yeah with with what he plans to lead into it. I think once you see those

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