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That everyone who listens to talking tech knows you and i like video games. But there's so many games out there. We can't get to them all let alone do a deep dive on them right. Yes absolutely so. One of our editors josh avera came up with this idea of giving readers forum at usa today to talk about a beloved game or anything else in video games. They're passionate about so you can go to tech dot. Usaa dot com. Go to video games and one of the examples of this is a story about microtransactions written by it professional leaf morganson. If you play video games you've likely come. Across a micro transaction is basically. When you're in the middle of a game and you get a prompt that asks you if you want to pay say dollar or two dollars or more for suffolk virtual money or upgrades to your character. Now as leaf points out you can usually earn virtual credit in the game to pay for those things. But if you're like me or fear like other players you might not be as patient One example he brings up is a sports video game and with a lot of the sports video games. They have a mode where you can create your own player and say do this in the nba. And you can start from rookie season and work your way up in as you play each game you'll build up your skills and you'll get better and better so you might start out like with a sixty rating out of one hundred but in order to have a player that can be competitive. You might want to get it up to eighty five or ninety or something like that so trying to grind that out and get to that level can take a while you have to play a lot of games and it can take depending on how much time. You're spending several weeks a month. How retakes or you can spend money. And that means that you know in on top of the money you may have spent on a console game for example like sixty dollars or seventy. If you're on next gen you're talking about paying way more for video game than you expected so in this story leaf admits that he pays his way sometimes but suggests you get more out of earning your experience and at the same time giving game companies all your money by trying to develop your character naturally instead of using it with your dollars.

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