A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/2/21--Guest David M. Miller


Craig. Mcaliskey gonna join us from time form. Us daily racing form and the belmont stakes eight drawn. The overseas runner Defected had a hind see or hind leg. Infection rebel romance. That's sources name right. I'm going for memory here. I should have had it in front of me. But i doubt i do. Have it here. Hold on hold rebels romance. Yeah that's right that's right. See pro. I know the sport. He's not coming though. And such a quality draws post to assigned to one favorite's role. I thought he might be a little lower than that with the aid horsfield. I'm going to defer to david arcona. Who obviously knows a hell of a lot more about morning. Line making than i do i i just thought and again charlie beat him and so i think it's fair to that. Maybe he's not a huge favourite. I i think i just had glamorized. his derby. Effort is being. You know the best race. Run on that one so we will see though and again drawn post to snugly down there robotic to his inside obviously a closer. I feel like with the belmont pace gets muddled a little bit. I mean rock. Your world has to go right. I mean there. I don't think there's any surprises there. And i mean i just memory. I haven't looked at the ppv in fact we're recording. You know maybe an hour or two after they drew the the belmont stakes. But you know we'll talk about the race itself in much more detail tomorrow. Of course the rest of the card also drawn as well. There's good cards coming up on. Friday will probably look at friday's card a bit on thursday show. I'm gonna talk with craig. And then i'll touch on fridays card. After that and then friday show will talk about saturday's undercard and we'll have the jury on to to get their thoughts but essential quality. Two one favourite rahm our preakness winner three to one. Hot rod charlie at seven to your four choice rock your world in ninety two rock. Your world's going to be the the wiseguy horse here. I ninety two is not wise guy territory but in an eight horsfield. Obviously there's less money to be distributed around in terms of horses available for to be distributed to so you know he's but he is the fourth choice and i feel like he's gonna get way more attention than known agenda. Is i think a lot of people are projecting the rock your world is going to go out to the front. I'm kind of projecting that i mean my initial thought. Was you know he was kind of the fastest horse. Speed figure wise coming in at least that one effort in the santa anita derby so you know made sense that he took money in the kentucky derby and kind makes it will take money in the belmont because he was pretty much eliminated the second day. Pop the gate in the kentucky. Derby france gotovina's back in after a poor performance in the preakness stakes. Not sure what to make of that. overtook shows up on the outside of for pleasure who has three runners in here and of course known agenda breaking from post six. I i don't know how much the draw makes a big. I mean i have to think the dry is less important than the derby. And i mean is the pre i feel like we never hear about the preakness dropping is significant. Because it's obviously it's always a smaller field and the kentucky derby but it just seems like it's one that's never mentioned is like oh the dreaded pimlico rail or always cut out in the fourteen hole or something like that so I don't think that it affects the belmont that much. It's i remember when i visited belmont for the first time. Anthony stabile met up with him and he took me up to his office which is up on the roof and you know they kind of got the corner office up on the roof and so they look out to that i turn and i just never realized what a long run it is just too that i turn and make sense right. It's a mile and a half track. You're going to have to cover ground some point and we know we all know about the. The vaunted belmont big turns and the back stretch and all that but it is strange to see horses. Run away from you for that long. I think we're used to the mile track or even keeneland two mile and a sixteenth. I think on the main track and you know the kind of get past you and they go into that turn pretty darn soon after that but at belmont they don't remember hollywood park used to kind of have that they'd have that start with the horses started kind of In front of like is hollow park was a mile. An eighth. If i remember correct but You know they kind of ran away from you there at the start you know i remember. I always watch a race kind of race caller. And i remember thinking like god. It's kind of tricky there. And and i suppose there's a little bit of that with maybe it's maybe it's just. I'm not thinking about the angles as much but it is a long run to the first turn at belmont. And that's and then because of the long turns i guess. Ground losses generally considered not as bad at belmont park. And so maybe the draw is just not as big of a deal. But like i said plenty of belmont chatter coming up on the show tomorrow with craig mcaliskey very much looking forward and craig back on. Always enjoy hearing from him a very very good guy. I was getting to catch up with craig. Didn't want to catch up on a couple of Things from memorial day. I did not get your. We raise the grants pass downs on memorial day evening. And so you know any day. We're racing grants pass. I usually have to finish the show by about three time. Because i got to get to the Get to the track. Then we'll post the show at five. But i also didn't get to watch a lot of the big races from lonestar which i saw. They handled six point three million dollars for their big card on monday. Lonestar which is fantastic. As i said i know they were Investing a lot into the marketing of this event. And obviously they've kind of gone a few years without having that big signature dan. They still ran some of the big races. But it just didn't seem like it kind of popped up on the radar at all and the weather. Unfortunately you know mid card. They started getting a lot of rain and it ended up being a sloppy sealed. Track for a lot of the big races.

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