A highlight from Part1:Al Ford, Dave Grening, Cherie Devaux,Tony Black


But it's all right we're going to we're going to deal with it and go forward Hope you had a terrific and to the three day weekend. And certainly the circumstances didn't it didn't ruin the racing It affected it and The out there were a couple of spots the turf here new york the turf off the turf to stakes that they were impacted but still some big performances still some nice ways to To cash and when the racing spread out across the country Particularly out to california where the three grade ones produced a a sequence of good races. Interesting results will try to get all of this kind of wrapped up From the from the weekend and the belmont card will be drawn today. that certainly. I think we can really start to get excited Based on the friday card being drawn Yesterday and it came up absolutely terrific Get a chance to properly. Is the morning unfolds to touch on some of that. We're going to hear from cherie deville as promised your is gonna come by and talk about her. First grade graded stake when the regret on saturday at churchill and she's got the baroness entering today for the weekend and more actually i think she actually she already. She might be. I think she's interesting right. If she on friday like i'm i gotta look the stack as we try to winnow down the weekend. The week passed The week coming starts to build up We're gonna see Mike welsh later this morning once training ends and get some thoughts from from mike about a particularly the the belmont starters and when i got on the track earlier this morning i went through the backstretch. Wanted to go. See the new The new barn gary's newborn and the horses. And as i at the weight you crossed the horses back and forth across the path Should put this picture up. I had chance the watches. Rock your world and francis go dina Pass by and heading back. Mike mccarthy may stop by or we may get him by phone and yesterday mccarthy getting the great one elusive great. One for smooth like straight umberto recently in the shoemaker mile then he was terrific and and that that was a series performance. Smooth straight Certainly you know sometimes you look at those turf races and say well we got away with you know maybe got away a little bit with that first quarter but forty six to one ten flat one twenty two now that that was a legitimate mile and restrained. Vengeance couldn't keep up and say the word tried to rally but they really at at at a certain point off the turn. It just didn't it wasn't in doubt You had a since. We went in this direction. You had terrific shoulder to shoulder. Stretch run between royal ship and country grammar in the hollywood gold cup and certainly the lost ground did not help royal ship. In the end was widened cleaves. Three y both turns and country grammar kind stayed at the same pace and prevailed and flavian pratt. kind of. i've finished simply out finished. I i i. Don't i know that Everybody's looking for alternate versions. Flavian product finished mike smith. I don't I don't think there's a big debate on that topic Maximum rate upset. The gamely and what a nice win for The slam dunk team and partners. Simon callaghan maximum rate. The five year old and she She was terrific. In fact goss i for those of you. The jumped aboard the gus boss Gus alonzo had eight terrific run at the the pick six sequence and and just missed i in fact if if royal ship prevailed In that gold cup. Gus has the pick six the pick five hit the pick four for almost five hundred which was nice but Boy if royal ship finishes better that. That's a huge score. So i hope Hope you've benefited from gusts opinions yesterday while hernandez aboard saima callahan and the casado. And all the partners on that for whatever reason it's funny you know seven horsfield and maximum rate. I think was five to one or six right five to one morning line at somehow went off at fourteen two one. Just just one of those scenarios that charmaine the mya got pounded Under even money. And going to vegas going to vegas went from six to one down to seven to two. I don't know if that's the power of recently but the beneficiary were those that maximum rate so Nice end to the holiday weekend. The three grade ones at santa anita and as i said yesterday there was a lot of nice momentum that just kept building As the as the weekend went on at santa anita here in new york a couple of notes in the commentator we turn let me turn to return to the The new york action because accommodate the in the commentator. You had. there's monday you had bank it. The central banker for wind. Chill and mr horton and what a nice career. He's had the five year old. Just romped You know the the conditions of course yesterday. They they invited. You know some some romping victories But it's not like bank it Who has has frankly been more of a bored hitter than a than a winner But a consistent type ten seconds in his career but he's actually won three of his last five. that was his sixth career win. And he's now a millionaire. He's been very consistent at a high level. The asmussen barnes has moved him around a the country as well and you know pitted him against a lot of good open company types. And he's he's a real new york bright. It's not. He's a central banker out of colonel. John mayer hidden broke and blue devil. Originally and Millionaire here at age five and he's still horse. He's not a gelding. So i'm sure that they would love to keep going to. Why not. why wouldn't you keep going He's he's absolutely he's absolutely at his career-best the and ran a big thing in the you know in the wet. It's funny yesterday. They were as i mentioned. They were harrowing the racetrack and

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