The Mystery of Esther Brandeau

Can We Talk?


This story starts in the seventeen thirty s. Seventeen thirty three to be precise and this historical figure who i call esther brando shacklock. This figure is being sent to family in amsterdam on a dutch ship but this dutch boat runs aground. She's rescued and then ensues a five year journey. She doesn't go back to her family. She stays for time in beats which is a coastal town nearby for a little while and then sets off as a young man and travels all along coastal france working on boats between bordeaux and don't for example deserting at not continues onto a han in brittany where they work for taylor then for a time in semi lower. They work for a baker and then they work for a time in a religious order and they work for a retired soldier and then ultimately at some point. they're arrested and suspected as a thief but then released twenty four hours later and then eventually they board a ship at lower shell a typical starting point for transatlantic voltages to what the french empire called new france. What we today call quebec quebec city in particular. Which is when dot territory. There is only one account written by a woman about the story from that time period written by a nun in a letter to a friend in which she says. This happened in canada. This person arrive to turned out to be a jewish young jewish girl. Aleve the new cetinje on canada. In fiji we've dc matlock look on soup. Sonar came this year to canada. A jewish girl disguised as a sailor. She was suspected of being a person on the ship but she did not admit to it. Monsieur de don don interrogated her. She told him the truth and that she had fled from her parents because she was less loved by them than one of our sisters.

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