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Like bringing the ham matthew there. I'm just curious what your thoughts about where we are in twenty twenty one. I always go back to two thousand nine two thousand ten because that seems to be what. Republicans are following up on going back to the anti obama playbook and i remembered oh eight. Oh nine. Ten the numbers for obamacare. We're always always tough. It was always a pitched battle. They were always trying to get that fiftieth center senator before they'd reconciliation. And i'm wondering do you think mitch mcconnell may be playing from that old playbook one time too many. You look at the numbers on policy. You look at biden's own numbers. It's far different today than it was own nine and ten. What do you think well. I think the biggest difference is the economic situation right. I mean when obama's first year in office the economy was still declining. Things were getting worse and worse and worse too. If you could obstruct him from doing anything you know you could create this sense. Oh we had all this hope and change. But he can't do anything and your life is getting worse right. The best hope for biden is that look people are getting vaccinated. The economy is growing. That was his sort of basic promise to us I'd like that ad that rachel showed you know it's just trying to say look your life will get better with democrats. That wasn't really happening in two thousand nine. Twenty ten right. I think obama could say happened later in his administration but it wasn't happening at the time of those midterms. And that's i think the number one priority for democrats is to make sure people's lives are getting better concrete ways and then to talk to the public about what it is. They are doing to make that happen so for now. Biden's numbers are good. Midterms are always difficult. It's not unusual for the incumbent. Party's numbers to collapse later in the cycle but for now democrats are in pretty good shape and should follow the current course of what they're doing but you know they got a hope. We get good jobs number tomorrow at the end of the day. Joe i just want the democratic party to know that it will not be successful if it thinks it can be republican light That's never heard that. Before cannot be successful in this moment. Because i want to just suggested i think and maybe maybe i'm wrong here but i think there's a political realignment in terms of the ideological spectrum in the united states right. What the age of reagan to my mind. It's fundamentals have collapsed there. They have an interesting if you agree with that claimed in the democratic party that was instituted to respond to it and it collapsed. Do things that are going on. Though i think richard we're moving past. We have moved past the age of reagan. When you look at the numbers that are attached to these bills that make your heart and my heart palpitation. Because the numbers are so high and the deficits are even going to be higher than trump's deficits and the national debt is going to be even higher. We have that nagging. Inflationary concern that said the spending is overwhelmingly popular. It never would have been during the age of reagan. We've moved beyond the age of reagan. So that's one thing that's happening another other thing that's happening though. There are a lot of people like you and make that live in suburbs that voted republican their entire life that are not going to be voting for donald trump or trumps. And that i think over time is going to expand the democratic party for say s. Make the republican bake the democratic party more moderate more conservative in places and more of a sort of fdr type coalitions for a wider. Two things are going on at the same time right now. It's going to require democrats to be a bit agile. I think one of the questions is if you want to attract people who are former republicans who are offended by lots of aspects of trumpism. I think there's questions of the role of government the site and also the of transfer of wealth and one of the things. That's gonna come up in. The debate is obviously. I think we still have to watch levels of government spending. We have to look at. What's the safety. What's the relationship between the government and the economy government and the society and what transfer of wealth is gonna be required to pay for it because it's one possibility you have no transfer. Well you just run up debt. The other possibility of massive transfer of wealth through taxation. And i think taxation might be a problem if you wanna attract republicans to who are already alienated from the republican party former republicans to the democratic while they may stay homeless for a long time they may be comfortable and neither might be bouncing back and forth. And we'll see matthew yglesias And rancho for your amazing. Thank you very much for being on great to see you still ahead. After your amazing to look laziest since still ahead chris. Matthews joins the conversation head. Also dr anthony balaji plus my conversation with house speaker nancy pelosi who's featured on know your value in forbes newly revealed fifty over fifty list morning. Joe is back in a moment. What's the word that comes to mind when i say retirement. What's that exactly.

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