Why the Future Is Not up to You


Think that because we all like to feel in control we even get a false sense of security and comfort from the illusion that we think we know what the future holds. We intellectually understand that many factors can get in the way of our assumptions yet. We brushed them aside. So we can cling to our perceived reality at best. We make plans for tomorrow because we assume we will still be alive but at its worst we presume to know other people will behave or respond to us. Even though intention and impact don't always ally it doesn't matter how good the intentions behind our actions. Maybe their impact is subject to elements that are out of our control like unforeseen circumstances and or other people's perception. It's been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But don't let that discourage you. I see it as a reminder that even though i can decide on a course of action i need to completely let go of my attachment to any expected outcome or reaction when i used to manage online art gallery for example regardless of how the artists and i tried to price the paintings the value of the work was ultimately determined by the collector. Who wanted to buy it not by us every once in a while. Nobody wanted to buy complex. Drying pat took many hours of love and skilled labor yet pieces that the artists consider downright juvenile sold for thousands of dollars. The value of the art was not up to us. Does that mean. The art that didn't sell is worthless not necessarily a few years ago. My friend got into a terrible car accident. That sent her to the hospital for x-rays which was great because that's how and when the doctors found her cancer early enough to remove it before it spread if it wasn't for the car accident who knows if or when she would have discovered the tumor. So was the car

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