Author Chat With David Yoon

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Hey we're hearing with david author and guess now publisher dvd. I'll stick thanks for joining us on books and boba. Thanks for hopping looking forward to this. Yeah we are here to talk about what we're talking to david about all his great accomplishments but also about his newest book version zero But before he gets that we always like to start because this is a book club about asian american authors. We always like to hear how did you. How did you end up becoming an author like what was your journey as a writer was always something that was part of your life or something that you discovered later on. It's definitely it's. I mean i love this question. 'cause for me. It's definitely been something i've always wanted to do Ever since i was in third grade. I wrote a story in the class and they loved it. They're cracking up. And i was feeling and then a another story interested in it was crickets. Okay okay good feedback gonna try them better. And since then. My favorite classes have been english. I major was in english. I went to grad school for fiction. That's where i met Nikola wife Yeah and yeah and we learned about writing but we didn't learn about the publishing industry so we spent a lot of years just working our day jobs because they paid really well and writing in the mornings or at night and Really the are grad school contacts for members in college was the way we got to be agents and people like that was that was mainly networking. And the the more you write the more you can make your own luck. So when the agent when you friendly do need an agent now i will assume your stuff budgets to sean

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