152 Still Unaccounted for in Building Collapse in Miami, Florida


In Florida have identified four more of the nine people killed and last week's collapse of a condo building in Florida would still 152 people unaccounted for, the mayor of Miami date, said in an evening news conference. That the death toll remains at nine, she says 132 occupants of the building have now been accounted for, but 150 to remain unaccounted for. The mayor says officials are not releasing the names of the newly identified victims of the collapse and says it will be up to the families to do. So. Here's how a sister of one of the victims described the process. They took us into a room and they told us the news that they found the rest of my sister and my nephew. And that the DNA match um 100, per 100%. And I know she had the strength if she needed to survive, But you know, whatever happened. I know God was with them until the young because they died together. They were together. And now a report from Florida First responders and searchers have continued efforts to find survivors amidst the rubble of the Champlain Tower. Miami Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava says a trench dug into the pile is helping with the recovery and the families are constantly being updated so that they can talk with us. Ask questions and mourn with us as they hear bad news and continue searching for survivors with us. A sister building to the fallen tower built around the same time will also be closely inspected. Residents not wanting to stay there will be housed elsewhere.

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