Using Lap Splits to Track Your Mile Split With Ultra-Marathoner Zach Bitter


Out one of these runs saying. I think i'm ready to run about this or like how. How do you determine that with with such a long young race. The nice thing is at this point. I've got done enough of more. I kind of know well. This is what i've done in the past. If i wanna make this much of an improvement years the splits. I need to hit so then if my training indicates that i think that's a reasonable enough goal than what i'll end up doing is all kind of pick elapsed split so the nice thing about these mice and sometimes it can be a problem to his. They'll have like a big computer screen. Tv screen so every time you do a lap you can see your lap split was so what do you think of one hundred miles on. Four hundred meter track is four hundred and two and a half laps. So you could see every one of those of you wanted to. I would advise against that. But it is nice to spot checks so i'll go in thinking. Well if i want to average like this mile pace to hit this time goal that i need to be within. Like i'll give myself kind of like if everything goes perfect. This is the split. I'd have to hit on average if if things go good but not great and kinda like worst case scenario but still within the realm of what. I would consider a good day. This is the slowest. I can go and usual. Have like maybe a three to four second like buffer in there that I'm trying to hit each lap so as coming around in the early stages i'll check a little more frequently just to kind of calibrate things once you kind of get a feel for it that i can pretty much hit those splits on demand and then just spot check every once in a while to make sure i'm not drifting in and out one way or the other and that's kind of how i've always gone about it.

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