NFL Bans Dwight Schar From Future Ownership Interest in Any NFL Team


Minority owners coming in at some point, but he is the he is the sole owner after buying back the minority shares from Dwight Schar, Fred Smith and Bob Rothman. And what was a very contentious uh, I think And this is that I don't know if it's been publicly put out like this, But I think it was a takeover attempt by the minority owners who were looking for a greater evaluation on on their sale of their minority piece, and all of this negativity started to pop up. In the Washington Post started to pop up and and social media. These accusations were thrown out there, all of which, incidentally, Dan Snyder has claimed responsibility for even though he was not directly implicated in any of those things. Um, And the news today is twofold. One that Daniel Snyder is it was fined $10 million. At least the Washington football team was fined $10 million. The clarity on that is that $10 million will go to charities, which which Tania, his wife and Dan will choose. So it's a $10 million fine, but it'll all go to an important cause. The other thing. That I think is not insignificant in this is that Dang Dwight Schar, who was one of those minority owners, and a lot of people believed was involved in the smear campaign on on Daniel Snyder has been banned for life. From the NFL. So, uh, while we while we want to vilified, um some of the things that went on inside the Washington organization, the the campaign It was put out to embarrass and try to force. Mr Snyder to Snell also came to light and again, I'll read it, I'll say it again. Dwight Schar, who was a minority owner, has been banned for life from the National Football League. Take that of what you will. Um, but that's not the story. So a lot of people there's some misconceptions out

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