Your Poker News Update for June 29, 2021


Talk a little bit about the news. I the ten thousand dollar buy. In ten million dollar guarantee win millions Had it starting flights this past weekend in attracted thirteen hundred twenty eight entries which create a prize pool of almost twelve point five million dollars the largest in wind poker his first prize just over two million dollars in even runner up as almost one point two nine. Sorry at one point. Two five million dollars so incredible turnout for the win. Millions will get you all of those results when they come in next week. Also the run good poker series had its second event coming back from a kobe. This time. It was at council bluffs iowa just outside of omaha the five hundred and seventy five dollar main event had a festival record of eight hundred fifty one entrance generating a prize pool of four hundred thirty four thousand dollars when it got down to the final eleven players. It was a very rare eleven person. Chop each player was guaranteed the exact same amount twenty six thousand and fifty eight dollars. They played for the all star. Run good series ring and the pro-am seat into the stars event presented by poker. Go in las vegas which will be held later. On this year end. Freddie kaufman ended up taking down the event the ring and the pro ams seek co congratulations to everyone at the council bluffs event for the road. Good poker series.

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