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Arizona, Mikey Ostrowski and Wilmer Flores both went deep for the Giants. So the Giants have their first four game losing streak of the year and they lose to a team that they've been beating up on. It's unlikely they were going to win every game against the Diamondbacks this year, But Giants were hoping a trip to Arizona was what was going to get them better. It still can. But the Giants have a four game losing streak in their lead in the National League West is down to a half again. The Giants are 50 and 30 on the year now, after losing four games in a row, our on site producer engineer Darren Jan Network coordinator Rafael Corral. Our next broadcast comes your way. Tomorrow night. Pre game five 41st pitch 6 40 Game two of the series. Alex Wood is going to get the ball against Zach Gallon who's tough for the Diamondbacks. Game two tomorrow six. 41st pitch time. Four. John Miller for Mike Kruk over Dwayne Kipper. Dave Fleming saying So long we remind you the final score tonight. 5 to 3 Arizona postgame show coming up Next, You've been listening to Giants baseball. The can be our Northern California Honda dealers radio Network. You can forget about

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