A highlight from The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack


Welcome to episode one. Seventy three of the weekly shared security show and joining me. This week is the legendary pen. Tester and pen maker. kevin johnson will played played. I like seventy three thousand. Nine hundred seventy three was when i was born is in the people out there that think revealed information i started. It was february. Twenty seventh nineteen seventy-three That waves even more information. I probably shouldn't which by the way is the birthday. My son which i shouldn't share so son was born days. You were no no not year. That would be really weird. I wasn't going to share that. I math does not compute there. No no yeah. So i'm old. Your son is not. that's right that's right sahara things going pretty well. We're busy which is good. I like busy Means payroll is not as hard to make. We are quickly approaching our next run of the pay. What you can sespe very cool. I'm really. i'm not trying to pimp the program. But i'm really excited by a number of people who are taking the opportunity to take the class at no cost or very very low cost i because it sounds goofy to say but i'm really adamant about the idea of helping people get into the field and were seeing so many people who who can't afford or couldn't do this site of saying being able to do it and i think the right way to say this. I'm really proud of that. I you know. A john strands got some cool stuff going on with the same thing we can blake to encourage other companies to do it. You know it it's important it's important it's well needed because as you know there's so many vendors out there that training is just unaffordable for a lot of people will say in a particular customer. Let's let's just without french talking Being way too expensive for years. I always laugh that it was without security. If you translate down but it is awesome seeing your classes grow and you keep doing this and they are popular. We'll definitely link that in the show notes for everyone interested and we've talked about your courses before in the show but definitely worth talking about again. So i'm good. I'm good. I'm i'm it's been a busy newsweek as well with this whole colonial pipeline and that is the topic for this show wanted to get everybody up to date and kind of the current state of. What's going on by the time you listen to this on monday. I'm sure it'll all be changed. Actually they announced was it last night or this morning than ounce that by the end of the week they'll have the pipelines. Yes i i'll be. I'll be blunt part of this really really makes me angry and part of mitt makes me laugh by the way all of the pictures. I've seen so far in videos. I've seen so far people up. Plastic bags with gas are not current plan. Please don't do that by the way to do that. Do not sell a plastic bag. I thought threat where people are like. Oh man the personal homeless person is so rude. They should have offered to help. And i'm like help. What if the hers was dumb enough to fill a plastic bag with gasoline and put it in the trunk of their car. I'm not sure how much help you can offer. And i might. No i don't know. I don't know i. I think this one's interesting. I wonder clear. I we can talk about this and say man. This is bad and this is what happened. That was bad and as far as me. I'm assuming you're in the same boat. We're talking about public information. I have no insider knowledge about what's going on beyond ten. We read is before Other organizations and i think the most interesting part in this one is a ransomware attack against corporate network shutting down not network and i've seen a lot of people talking about like oh man. The pipeline got ransomware. No my understanding and of course this just reading my understanding is that the reason they shut down the pipeline as they can't bill for the oil and gas in multiples right.

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