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That i've very like on lately so i thought hey. Wouldn't it be appropriate to get pajamas that kind of mirror. My state of mind. Why didn't why didn't you get them because the because of the fabric chose not to that fabric. What's wrong with fabric. I told you what was wrong with the fabric. You're just trying to me she. She didn't buy her trust. The universe pyjamas because her dry hand skin snagged on the material like the way it felt dry skin. Well to hydrate. So what you got for me. I want to talk today about agnes. Sorrel she is considered the first officially recognised royal mistress of french king. Oh yes so. We don't know exactly when agnes and charles. The seventh of france started their relationship. But we can reasonably estimate when they met the king had captured to loose. And rene yvonne jew and his wife isabelle set out to greet the king and it was the first meeting for king. Charles and isabel and agnes was probably part of isabelle's entourage so surreal then went to serve as the lady in waiting for marie charles. The seventh wife and isabelle's sister in law so it's like they went to visit. They had an employee and charles. The seventh was like you should come work for us Okay agnes had blond hair blue eyes. She was very pale and thin. She was just the epitome of contemporary beauty. This is according to the freelance history. Writer dot com initially. We don't know when things started between the two of them because they were very discreet. At first one chronicler actually said that charles never touched her below the chin in public. But we do know that king charles. The seventh declared that he was going to leave his pregnant wife in fourteen. Forty four for agnes candles. She was twenty two at the time and her status solidified when charles granted her with the title may dress on t. Trae sounds fancy with that title. She became the first officially recognised royal mistress. Okay so that essentially means royal mistress. Wow and she got all the privileges of courtly life. So charles gave her wealth castles and lands secured for her essentially the distinction of queen. She was allowed in court but her presence was not always welcomed their. It seemed that a lot of people found her being there very distasteful and this appeared to fuel. Agnes she don't give a shit. i see. this was motivation for her. Sorelle generated scandal at court particularly for popularizing. Her fashion sense. She loved a low cut gown lake. A low cut gareth. Yeah she also made a habit of keeping her low cut gowns on laced so that her breasts were exposed. Well that's one way to get ahead me. He misses sorrento. Mrs sarah misery. Surreal mrs seru. We gotta go So her bubis were were sometimes This was imitated by ladies in the area. Not necessarily the the new being out in the low cut gowns becoming more popular the the longer she was in court but it was also shunned. She so her lips were out. Yeah oh yeah so. There were times where you could see like her full on teddy's so she was allowed to go into the royal court. Oh yeah and she knew that the members of the royal family. Some of them despised her. They shunned her. He queens still lived on premises so she thought i'm just going to go out with my tabbies. Yep i love this woman just like that. Now john juvenile orson. The archbishop of rains counselled the king and he said that you need to like get this in line. This is not okay. This is not something that we need to going on. He called for the king to correct such fashions as front openings through which one sees the tapes nipples and breasts of women. But agnes as i said did not care What you have to say. She was the official mistress of the king. And you had nothing to say about it. Thank you very much. enjoy your day. She enjoyed cultivating luxury engaging inconspicuous consumption and appearing in sumptuous clothing. I wonder if king charles the seventh wasn't What his reaction was when she the first day she walked into the court with a golden bozos out. I wonder if he just kind of went. You know probably a little bit like that agnes. No we've talked about some show area laws before two centuries before agnes was was part of this whole sich king louis. The ninth had passed an act that prohibited the wearing of diamonds by anyone but the king. Okay so agnes. Had some diamonds. You bet your ass she did. She were big necklaces that accentuated her cleave so that your eyes were drawn not just to her audi bubis but this huge icy necklace. It said that charles the seventh had been a real funk before they got together and so he was really happy to just let her do whatever she wanted. He was sad she came into his life. He wasn't sad anymore. So it's like yeah but i mean bring those shirt potatoes out. He actually gave her the chateau de lock which was a huge castle. Constructed in the ninth century at that castle would actually become a favourite of charles the sevens it because he had been persuaded by joan of arc to be crowned king of france there so he gave that to agnes as her private

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