Should Christians Support the Death Penalty?


Hey guys welcome to relatable. Today we are finally going to talk about the death penalty. I've been wanting to talk about this since january. Well i haven't been wanting shocked because it's a very sad subject to me. I don't like thinking about it. I don't like talking about it. But it is a very contentious at the moral and theological issue. That i think is important for us to be able to confront biblically and be able to talk about not just in the secular political sense by also with fellow believers with whom we disagree. This conversation was brewing. Back in january. Pretty heavily specially in christian circles due to the executions of several black americans that some people claimed were innocent or just claimed should not be executed. The trump administration actually reinstated the federal death penalty after several years of it. Not not being instated. There's been a lot of it. We've had talked about since december. So i just haven't been able to sit down in organize all the research that's required for it and even today we're not going to be able to get into every single argument for and against the death penalty. I really want to focus on whether or not there is a biblical backing for it or whether it is categorically biblically and morally wrong. This is a subject that i have been doing a lot of reading on a lot of research in fact when people were talking about it the most online. I didn't really talk about it that much. I was doing a lot of research. Because i knew what i thought that i believed but i hadn't really done a whole lot of reading into it in so like my husband can tell you i was up probably until like two or three a m one of the nights that all these conversations were going on online just reading this ethics book this christian ethics book That i have trying to understand all the different

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