A highlight from Part 4: Nick Tammaro


Take a bear left at the half mile. Continue i mean. I i just don't see why wouldn't but let's put it this way for a mile in the one turn up pretty quickly and then the last eight. He wasn't I don't see any charleston's mistress in here. And i just think he was lead. I think he keeps convince. Brad cox way. He strained that he was ready for assignment. Like this. they were gonna go to seed sexton mile as what by my standard I don't know that you know. I might say he's a very very nice to us. i don't know that he's run against as as qualities came and when he has he has not won. Well dr posted the wildcard. Maybe 'cause that race off the very very good. But it was beating wicked and mr buffs. And as you've seen i think mr botha's if they if they said to me tomorrow mr bubbles than retired. 'cause they haven't they said that i wouldn't be shocked with the trick. I guess people can get align on with the trip to the today. Yeah and i like. I like wicked trick in there. I i think We could tricks the interesting price alternative in the to north today. I i'm using him prominently.

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