John McCain: Prisoner of War

Against The Odds


I guess i should start by asking guys. Have you too many other definitely gotcha. Doug was a real young guy when i first met him. How old were you dug when you dad. I was probably thirteen. Twelve unknown commander alvarez long time. Yeah i got the job better after we got home and i was in washington. I was in the reagan administration. John was an congress at the time. So we got to get together quite often and not the millis. Mom and his His brother andy and his sister. We're gonna start with everett. And i know you didn't meet john mccain until after you were released. Is that right. No i met john in the Inherently hilton but not until near the end of the of the war. I met him when the captors Study to let us. Mingle more people started going out in the courtyard and Having that access. When i met john

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