Women & Gender in the Qur'an, with Dr. Celene Ibrahim


Honored to have dr. Selene ibrahim For the show today in dr selena brahima. She's the author of women and gender in the crown a published from oxford university. Press last year. She's also the editor of one nation. Indivisible seeking liberty and justice from the pulpit to the streets Probably the previous year and her comeback project is on the concept of monotheism in the crown in intellectual history so dr ibrahim Deaf has a lot of a lot to say about some very interesting topics in on gender in the koran. She is very qualified. Masha llah she has a A masters degree in women's and gender studies near eastern judaic studies from brandeis. She has a masters of divinity from harvard in a bachelor's degree with highest honors from princeton Dr ibrahim is a trusted public voice on issues of religion and civic engagement. She's deeply committed to countering counteracting bigotry and fostering varies pluralism integrity and civic responsibility. And we are absolutely honored to have dr ibrahim on the show today. So thank you dr ibrahim or do you prefer to go by selene. How do you want us to call. Let's go with selene. selene okay. Well we'll welcome selene. Dr ibrahim professor ibrahim to the show. We are so delighted to have you. I read your book in In earnest and I got a chance to also up. See some of your more recent obser- podcast media appearances. But it's funny. Actually the first time you ever kind of came across my radar even before you reached out via email was. I saw a lecture. And i don't know if it was livestreamed or a saw recording of it you gave For z to college Was that was that recorded on the west coast. Did you visit the bay area. Or was it one of those in communion out in the communities a tuna now. I had the good fortune of of coming to zeh tuna and it's a such a blessed place in the spirit. There is just incredible. So i it wasn't my first time visiting and hopefully it won't be my last either in shala in shalva that's rain out and we missed you so it was like a public lecture that you gave at. That event has a series where. I'm sure it's on pause during these times. It's probably been taken more online where there is a community outreach program and so there's i think it's a wonderful asset to the community. They really do bring in a number of speakers and not just on islamic topics but really a range of themes in the humanities

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