A highlight from Small Talk? Too Awk (with Chris Gethard)


It's the story of a guy who dies alone in the woods and leaves behind a box full of wild stories reporter. Eric mental finds this box and digs into these stories and slowly. It takes over his life all questions. Eric is asking about the strange guy in his past. Get around on him. It's a wild story about power and manipulation and family and how we care for the people. We love the most also. There's a pet monkey who doesn't love a pet monkey. Listen to stay away from matthew. Miguel from street studios new episodes. Weekly wherever you get your podcasts or you can bench all episodes right now exclusively on the new odyssey app. That's a u. c. Why welcomed unhappy our the show where we bitch about all the things. We love to hate every single week. I'm your host mac. Bella cy. i'm here in my home studio recording especially far far away from my producer berry finkel. Hi mary hi matt yes. It's true the rumors are true. Recording for my parents closet and i am what twenty nine by the time that this episode comes out because my birthday was when last. Someday that's right. i almost forgot. Did you feel like. I remind you daily so yeah obviously not but obviously i've lost all track of days and months but i thought it was going to be like the day this came out but it'll be old hat by then so i don't give a fuck anymore. Yeah how are you on this beloved birthday with mine not great. I don't know i've had like a weird like bad mood week So perfect for this podcast. Not for like my general well-being remember right. I just have been in like a weird mood all week. I think part of it is weird. I would think of it as like reopening pains. There's just like a weird readjustment to lake. I don't know. I feel like fomo is very real right now for me Because was like fomo took the year off basic right and now she is back with a vengeance. But now that like you know. There's always that disparity everybody feels this and that's why you know. I'll i'll cop to this here on the podcast because i know other people feel the same way as that. There's always that disparity of like how you feel in your life and how like you feel like other. People are living based on instagram and twitter and like we all know they're not the same thing not the same. You're seeing everybody else's highlights and you know you're living your life and even though i know this doesn't stop my brain from misinterpreting everything i see. She's elster. There was that but i think yeah it's just like getting readjusted to like how things used to be. I don't know it's so weird. It's also like the weather's changed. There's a lot happening anyway. Well i man all of that all of that type of rage into this episode and just give the people

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