Hundreds Missing After Deadly Flooding in Germany


And victims of the deadly flooding there earlier this week. More than 160. People are confirmed dead and hundreds more are unaccounted for. Several countries were affected, but by far the hardest hit has been Germany. A number of communities there have been devastated with roads washed out and hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed. Many residents whose homes are still standing can't get into them now as authorities keep people away for fear of mudslides, Spink are Safi had that happened to him today. He is a resident of ER stat, a town near Cologne that suffered severe damage I tried today. To go there and check if I can collect some documents, an important things I have there, but the police told us that there is no water right now. But because of the heavy flooding, there is the danger of land sliding that houses may Slide down. Safi and his three Children were forced to evacuate their home on Thursday afternoon. As the floodwaters rose. His wife was away at the time and wasn't allowed back into town by police. Have since been reunited, and the family is safe now, but the town is in ruins, Saffi says. Police and firefighters continue to comb through what's left looking for survivors, the fear that there are more than 30 cars, which Were stuck under flooding, and they fear that they will find more bodies as they search the cars There were above I think

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