Jamie Lynn Spears Shares Peace and Love Message


Lindsay is responding to a message really a slam from her sister. Britney so jamie. Lynn posted a very vague message about peace hours after britney post a very harshness. Age aimed jamie lynn. Also at their father. Jamie lynn read. The following quotes. Made the peace of the lord be with you and your spirit will that came just one day after day. Put a very very lengthy. Ah profanity ridden posted on instagram. Don't worry we're not going to say the naughty words on this jaipur you'll get the gist. Britney right the following crowds for those of you who choose to criticize my dancing videos. Look i'm not going to be performing on any stages anytime soon with my dad. Handling what i what. I do what i say. Even i think i've done that for the past thirteen years. And then she went on to point the thing directly. A- jamie lynn has is saying quiet which. I don't like that. My sister showed up at award show and signed in capital letters. My songs all this comes after britney put up a post. It was more vague this one. But i think it was directed towards jamie lynn cooling people righteous for support in hanau but basically ignoring her for the last thirteen years.

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