Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power


The situation in one thousand nine hundred ninety s germany was dire. the country had lost world war one. Their economy was tatters. German rule over its global colonies was no longer and many of their citizens had lost loved ones in the war. The desperate conditions pave the way for young and hungry political figure named adolf hitler in nineteen twenty one. He became the leader of a fringe group. Known as the nationalist socialist german workers party better known as the nazis. They wanted to rebuild germany and make it the superpower at once was regardless of the cost on november eighth nineteen twenty. Three hitler organized a rally of thousands of people outside. Munich's largest beer hall. He gave a rousing speech about his plans to save their fatherland. He urged his followers to start a revolution invade a political rally. Going on inside the hall then. He ordered them to take over political buildings around the city. The crowd was so moved by his message that they followed his instructions immediately. People began marching through the streets of munich. They tried breaking into various government buildings but were stopped by the police. Sixteen of hitler's early followers were killed during the riots. Hitler was later tried for high treason and eventually jailed for the uprising. The event made national headlines and it was coined the beer hall putsch. It gave hitler the attention he needed to spread his ideas to a wider audience. In when he was released less than nine months later he leveraged this new following. Maybe he couldn't sees political office but his followers could certainly vote him.

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